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A heart warming atmosphere

The interior of the restaurant is an unique with a heart warming atmosphere and relaxing decor. The colours used in the restaurant are inspired on the south Indian food itself and the natural surrounding found in the city of Cochin.

We do our outmost to behave responsibly and ethically, and to purchase our ingredients from sustainable sources. We pay particular attention to where ingredients come from and choose to use authentic ingredients wherever possible. Our obsession with quality and freshness stems from our desire to prepare the very best Indian food.



Every day our ingredients are freshly purchased on the market to only serve you the most fresh ingredients and highest quality meals. We use mostly authentic ingredients, and only choose readymade if the product is far superior. We make our food from scratch on our own premises and select seasonal UK, European & Indian produce wherever possible.

South Indian Cuisine

The South Indian food is a brilliant blend of flavours, colours, seasoning, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, and visual appeal. The food is very healthy and not as spicy and greasy as the usual Indian cuisine.

South Indian food is very rice based. Rice is served everywhere in south India and flour-based breads are rare, if at all. Rice and locally abundant coconut milk are used to polish off the spicy curries of the south, which are in a more liquid manner than those of the north. These curries are often pulses-based and if this sounds restricting, you'll be surprised at what a few spices here and there can do to completely change the taste of things.

The south Indians put chillies, mustard, coconut oil, coconut milk and various other spicy seeds to very effective use to conjure up mouth watering dishes like dosas (rice pancakes stuffed with potatoes and vegetables). These items are glorious and delicious besides being nourishing and digestible (due to the fermenting process). Their rice preparations are also masterpieces like lemon rice and coconut rice seasoned with coconut, tamarind, fresh lemon, curry leaves, and fenugreek seeds.

Our fresh food is served in our exclusive natural beetle nut tree leaves plates and we encourage our customers to eat the food in the traditional South Indian way, by hands. This ensures that you dirive the full South Indian experience.